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B2B complexity may be costing your company a lot of money

Your marketing problem

The Top of Your Funnel is Leaking

Your traffic is bouncing. Leads don’t convert. Sales people are complaining. It’s not getting better.  Just more complicated.

Your sales problem

The Middle and Bottom are too

Your sales people don’t follow up on leads or close the loop.  They create their own campaigns, collateral and sales decks.  No brand guidelines. Their deals go dark.  Revenue is leaking every day.

Your solution: PipeAlign

A Winning Solution

Complex sales need simple stories and simple measurement frameworks. PipeAlign is focused on eliminating the disconnects and challenges that lie between marketing and sales, value and messaging, technology and ROI. It’s not about spending more money.  It’s about getting a better return on the money you’re already spending.

PipeAlign helped Avaya build a billion dollar sales pipeline in twenty months from a standing start. Maybe we can help you.  Our services at a glance...

Inbound Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing
Account-Based Marketing Services
Account-Based Marketing
Lead Develpment Services
Lead Development
Sales Enablement Services
Sales Enablement
Funnel Metrics & Dashboards
Funnel Metrics & Dashboards
Data Sciences & Technology Services
Data Sciences & Technology

About PipeAlign

The PipeAlign Model

The PipeAlign team provides turnkey B2B services in the areas of story development, inbound marketing, account-based marketing, sales enablement, and the data science and technology to scale, measure, and improve what you are doing.  We also share knowledge and advise to help you do everything on your own.

About the Name PipeAlign

The name PipeAlign is a combination of two common phrases:
• Sales pipeline
• Go-to-market alignment

Leads must yield meaningful pipeline and revenue, not just a high volume of low-cost leads that don’t close. Fundamental to that kind of success is alignment with customer buying behavior and alignment between sales, marketing and product management (and to a lesser extent, alignment between marketing, customer support, IT, Finance and HR).

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About the Tag Line: Care. Learn. Share.

There are two approaches to sales and marketing in the world today.  One approach seeks to manipulate customers. It’s the “sucker born every minute” philosophy.  The other puts the interest of the customer first.   The former makes most people in sales and marketing feel bad about what they are doing. The second leads to long-term sustainable success.  For your employees, it’s the difference between wanting to work and having to work.  

This approach means you need to walk away from deals where you can’t create value.  It means referring prospects to others who specialize in solving the particular problem that prospect has.  

It also means understanding the characteristics of your ideal customer so that you put as much focus there as possible and minimize pursuit of segments you can’t really help.  The discipline of focus is one of the cornerstones of business success.  A great example was Steve Jobs. When he returned to Apple, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, he forced the company to focus on just four products.  The result is one of the great business success stories of all time.

This business philosophy isn’t fluff.  If customers don’t love your products or services, the cost of constantly having to find new ones erodes both your revenue growth and profits and the invaluable morale or your team.  Rapid growth depends on word of mouth advertising and former customers buying more.  It’s not complicated.  So first, we all need to care about the other party and put their interest above our own.  It’s a matter of deeply empathizing with customers, prospects, and employees.   More than that, it’s aspiring to make the world a better place.

To care deeply about your customers, prospects, and your employees, you need to learn about them.  To do so, you need to integrate learning into your go-to-market operations and practice it each day.  Listen.  Observe.  Survey. But do so with the right intent.  Even if yours is a small organization, you can go on sales calls, interview customers, and talk to them at your marketing events.  And all of us can learn to stay in the moment and actively listen to others.  It’s hard.  It takes practice. But it’s entirely possible.

Finally, you need to share carefully in order to bring perspective to your customers that helps them see with new eyes their business.  In this way, you begin the journey of value exploration and value creation.  The articulation of your value is at the heart of great sales and marketing. It’s finding something about your product or service that only you provide and that matters to your ideal customer.  But even that isn’t enough. You must tell your story of differentiation in a way that is compelling and authentic.

This idea of caring, learning and sharing is a continuous one with each potential customer.  It often starts small as both sides get to know each other. But in the complex sale the sharing/learning exchange grows as your prospects move ever closer to a decision.

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PipeAlign helped Avaya build a billion-dollar pipeline in 20 months. Perhaps we can help you, too. Reach out today.

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PipeAlign is a thought leader and change agent in architecting and implementing systems that drive higher lead to pipe conversion, and ultimately more closed deals. Dave and his team know how to bring marketing and sales together in partnership to drive higher revenue. If your organization is sub-optimal in converting leads into a qualified pipeline, you should talk with PipeAlign.”

Jeff Turner
Director, US SMB Channel Marketing at Microsoft

I hired David Green to work with me and the staff at Cheyenne software to create a direct marketing program for Cheyenne's installed base of products. Dave helped us develop and execute our plan to deliver the financial results we were looking for. Dave helped managed the program by providing measurement, course corrections and suggestions on better marketing messaging. He worked with our sales team to ensure the transfer of leads and improved communication. I highly recommend Dave Green. I think he truly understands the value of direct marketing and will help you deliver greater value.”

Hinda Chalew
Sr. VP Marketing at ERE Media, Inc.

Dave's deep interest and expertise in lead generation has consistently produced great results for me. He brings an uncommon depth of knowledge and creativity to solving customer acquisition and upsell programs that invariably provide greater customer satisfaction AND greater sales team satisfaction. From producing high yield webinars 15 years ago to authoring the concept of the B2B Refinery, Dave has proven to be a thought leader that develops holistic solutions to the ongoing challenge of improving sales efficiency. His sales and marketing experience go a long way to helping bridge the chasm between most sales and marketing departments and enable lasting gains in sales productivity. I welcome Dave's counsel and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Tom Reid
Vice President at Serum, at Hacker Agency

Dave is a "big brain" marketing guy. He sees the big picture and that picture always includes the intersection of sales and marketing initiatives. As a partner, he is generous and the relationship with Dave extends long after the project ends. Great guy... great marketer!”

Trish Bertuzzi 
Author of "The Sales Development Playbook"
CEO of The Bridge Group, Inc. and Inside Sales Evangelist

I have worked with and known Dave Green for over 10 years. He was one of the innovators of the concept of an integrated marketing approach to lead generation. His concept was the B2B Lead Refinery which integrated all of the key elements of generating leads from the initial campaigns, database, lead scoring, nurturing, teleprospecting and lead routing and lead management.

I hired Dave as a consultant to assist in the building of the Avaya eDemand Lead Refinery in 2000. He worked closely with us for over 2 years to build out the system. Over the 8 years that I managed the eDemand lead refinery at Avaya it generated over 16,000 high quality leads that resulted in excess of $1.6 Billion in sales leads. The key to the success of the program was delivering leads that were of very high lead quality with a conversion rate of Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads in excess of 70%.

Dave subsequently co-authored the book called the "B2B Lead Refinery largely based on the experience at Avaya. Many of the key concepts implemented in B2B marketing industry today originated with Dave Green and his B2B Refinery concept. I highly recommend him.”

Dennis Head
Founder of eDemand Lead Management Consulting
Former Vice President at Avaya